James D Gregory Attorney
James D. Gregory

James D Gregory has maintained an exclusive federal and state criminal and juvenile law practice in the Greater Los Angeles area for over 30 years. Mr. Gregory has successfully represented clients facing common misdemeanor and traffic charges as well as the most serious and complex felony cases including capital murder. Regardless of the type of case, Mr. Gregory provides prompt, expert, personalized legal services that clients expect and deserve. James realizes that individuals occasionally face the consequences of unfortunate or hasty decisions. Dedicated, conscientious, professional legal representation can make a difference in the outcome of virtually every case.

Criminal Law is a Serious Business
Criminal law is a serious business and must be treated as such. In the greater Los Angeles area, once a person has been arrested and charged with a crime, they are in the legal system with no immediate solution. There is a process to be followed, and it’s critical to have an attorney with a complete understanding behind the scenes of the legal process. Besides being able to negotiate the legal system, Mr Gregory has extensive experience working with the prosecutor’s office to resolve cases without a trial. However, when no mutual agreement can be negotiated, James is ready to take it to the next level, at trial! James has extensive experience representing his clients in Juvenile Court, State Court and Federal Court. If you have been charged with a crime or being investigated, contact James today! He is always at the ready for new cases and will respond to your message promptly.

Education and General Experience

James received his Bachelors Degree at UCLA and his Law degree from USC. After graduating from Law School and passing the bar exam, he spend four years as a Los Angeles County Deputy Public Defender. Since then, he has operated as a Sole Practitioner, specializing in criminal and juvenile law in both state and federal courts. James continues his education regularly and is current on all the latest advances and studies regarding criminal law. Additionally, James enjoys teaching various classes related to the field of law.

Trial Experience – State Capital Cases – Jury Trials

  • Hon. Alan Haber (People v. Vulpis, Van Nuys, 1988), guilt phase argument
  • Hon. Ronald Coen (People v. Comtois, San Fernando, 1990), included guilt phase and penalty argument
  • Hon. Charles Horan (People v. Donald Smith, 1995, Los Angeles), guilt phase argument

Mr Gregory was appointed as lead counsel on three additional capital cases in the San Fernando Valley in the early 1990s. Two Van Nuys cases settled after successful mitigation presentations resulted in the dismissal of all special circumstance allegations:

  1. People v. Timothy Hudkins, settled after successful mitigation presentations resulted in the dismissal of all special circumstance allegations
  2. People v. Terry Nelson, also settled after successful mitigation resulted in the dismissal of all special circumstance allegations
  3. People v. Otte, (San Fernando) James was relieved as lead counsel after the defense team submitted mitigation documents which helped convince the prosecution not to seek death.

Federal Capital Appointments

  • USA v. Chris Gibson: Appointed as Lead Capital Counsel by Hon George King, 2006
  • USA v. Gus Rodriguez: Appointed as Lead Capital Counsel by Hon. John Walter, 2007
  • USA v. Danny Martinez: Appointed as Lead Capital Counsel by Hon. Virginia Phillips, 2008

Non-Capital Special Circumstances Murder Cases

James has also tried two first degree murder jury trials in Van Nuys: People. v. White before the Honorable Darlene Schemp, and People v. Moore before the Hon. Judith Ashman. Between 1995 and 2007, he tried first degree murder trials before the Hon. Ed Ferns and Hon. Lance Ito in Los Angeles, Hon. John Majors in San Fernando, and a second case before the Hon. Darlene Schemp in Van Nuys. Mr Gregory has been appointed by the California Court of Appeal and by the Los Angeles Superior Court as an expert witness in California State Habeas cases as an expert witness to testify about defense attorney incompetence.

Other Felony Trials

In his years as a criminal defense attorney James has tried dozens of non-homicide felony jury trials, primarily in Los Angeles County.